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Our Workshop

An Ancestral Expertise

In both technique and aesthetics, our craftsmanship is an ode to the past, turned towards the future

French Craftsmanship

Our craftsmen meet every day in our workshop, tucked away on the banks of the Erdre, to create custom-made tables adapted to your projects. From welding to polishing, through rolling the strapping, many stages follow one another, using sophisticated techniques, some ancestral, some innovative.

A Quest for Excellence

Before reaching you, each table benefits not only from the traditional know-how we have inherited, but also from some manufacturing secrets we have developed over the years. These confidential techniques perfect our designs, but also the durability of our products, whose quality is so far unrivaled.

A secret being a secret… We cannot disclose any more, but we would be delighted to tell you about our crafts, with an insight into our ancestral techniques!

The Strapping

The heart of our craftsmanship

In brass, stainless steel or copper, it’s no wonder the strapping is the emblematic finish of the bistro table.

Beyond the prestige it bestows on our products, its role is essential for their durability. It ensures a good hold of the different elements constituting our tops and protects the tables in case of impact and knocks.

Hand-sealed, our strapping fits perfectly on the tops of our tables and gives them that elegant, retro touch that you just can’t resist.

All you have to do is to choose your favorite finish: moulded for a traditional look, smooth polished for a trendy mirror effect or brushed for a vintage look!


At the core of your table top

The core of our trays is made of high quality poplar wood, protected by a natural wood stain. This choice of materials allows us to have CARB certification, a label that guarantees formaldehyde-free manufacturing. This way, we protect your health as well as the people who make your furniture.

Welding & Grinding


To ensure a durable table top with a premium finish, our strapping and frames are hand-welded and then ground in 6 passes for an impeccable result. Depending on the shape of your table top, whether it is round or angular, the techniques used will differ but will always be done with the greatest care



The final step, the one that will give your table top all its lustre and splendour, is the polishing. Different fabrics, cottons, flannels, are successively used to refine the brightness of the material.

Lights, Camera, Action !

Since the work of our craftsmen gives Ardamez its soul, we wanted to highlight their skills and allow you to discover our workshops in an intimate and oniric way. Respectful of tradition, it is their precise gestures, most often manual, that make each table a unique product of great quality.

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Professional Furniture
100% Tailored to Your Needs

We can also create a unique table, just for you. The one that will capture and crystallize the essence of your establishment. The one that, at first sight, will proclaim your uniqueness. Whether you dream of an impressive format to dazzle your visitors, an atypical shape that will catch the eye, a unique colour to match your palette or a customised and branded finish, we will be happy to make your dreams come true.

Let your dreams come true

Tables oblongues – Beef Bar

In addition to style-oriented innovation, we can also develop creative ways to meet a more pragmatic problem. If you have identified a need, inherent to your activity or space, our sharp and resourceful minds will get to work to imagine a tailor-made solution that will make your daily life more serene.

Your idea is ready to bloom and your interior design to light up?


Our Collection

To guide and inspire you in your work, we’ve created several product lines. Each has its own soul, its own aesthetic and, of course, each contains a collection of sumptuous, refined tables designed to suit every space and every project.

A Brand

of commitment

Human and Eco-friendly materials

Ardamez bistro tables are designed and manufactured to follow trends for a lifetime and more. That’s why we choose materials of proven quality and durability. But if our products are sustainable, then the methods we use to make them should be too. That’s why we make a point of selecting certified wood, recyclable materials, all-mineral paints, formaldehyde-free glues and natural glazes. At Ardamez, nothing is left to chance, every decision is made with a clear conscience and of course, because this quest for sustainability is never quite finished, we make it a point of honour to innovate in this sense.

Made in France

In our workshop
nearby Nantes


On demande
within 5 to 10 weeks

Bespoke service

for the pros

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