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Our Core Values

The Bistro Table Embodies the Elegance And Art of French Living.

One mission

To instill our values and methods into the French heritage, so that it can be enhanced and better preserved

Driven by a deep appreciation for its rich history and the craftsmanship that has rendered it an iconic Parisian landmark, we meticulously craft our products using time-honored techniques and aesthetics. Our aim is not to erase the charm of yesteryear, but rather to breathe new life into it, marrying tradition with modernity. In doing so, we ensure that this legacy thrives in our contemporary era, guided by the cherished values that resonate with our hearts.


Made in France

& proudly handcrafted

All our tables are proudly handcrafted in France at our workshop near Nantes. We prioritize the use of French raw materials, with approximately 90% of our purchases coming from within the country. The remaining 10% are carefully selected from neighboring countries like Italy and Spain. This strategic network of local suppliers, meticulously developed over the years, not only ensures a reduced carbon footprint but also guarantees the exceptional quality of our materials. We take great pride in this quality, as it reflects our commitment to sustainability and offers a meaningful alternative to the prevailing “throwaway” culture.


at the core of our strategy

Ardamez’s flagship product embodies our deep appreciation for exquisite objects of the past. This spirit of sharing and preservation serves as the foundation of our internal strategy. Our artisans undergo comprehensive in-house training to master the time-honored techniques of our ancestors while also nurturing their creativity and innovative skills. Through our recruitment approach, a seamless generational transfer takes place, as we offer apprenticeship contracts to young talents and welcome experienced professionals seeking a new path. Our ultimate goal is to unite this diverse array of profiles in meaningful and enriching missions that foster personal growth.


with virtue & responsibility

Environmental impact is a primary concern at Ardamez. We have taken decisive measures to mitigate the ecological footprint of our production, such as gradually phasing out plastic in our packaging and internal processes, sourcing FSC-certified wood from local forests, and utilizing CARB-certified plywood panels with low formaldehyde levels.

To further propel our company towards an increasingly environmentally-friendly approach, we have embarked on a project to construct a state-of-the-art new workshop. Scheduled for completion in 2024, this innovative facility has been meticulously designed to minimize its environmental impact.

Solar panels will be installed to generate renewable electricity, powering the entire production process. Traditional asphalt parking lots will be transformed into green spaces, fostering biodiversity. Intelligent glass roofing will envelop key areas of the building, harnessing natural light and minimizing our energy requirements for heating and lighting.

At Ardamez, our ambition is not only to excel in craftsmanship but also to be a beacon of sustainable practices. By taking these strides towards responsible and eco-conscious operations, we aim to inspire others and pave the way towards a greener and more prosperous future.

Made in France

in our workshop
nearby nantes


on demand
within 5 to 10 weeks

Bespoke service

for the pros

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