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Our professional-grade tables will bring your vision to life

Every establishment, regardless of its size, has unique needs and a shared aspiration: to showcase its style, modernity, and elegance in every detail. This extends to the selection of paints, linens, coverings, and, of course… furniture! If you desire a professional-grade bistro table that reflects your identity and perfectly suits your business, you have come to the right place. Ardamez is where your dreams come to life, as our dedicated craftsmen and women pour their passion into every creation.

Before we start the machines and roll up our sleeves, we need to gather your ideas. This can be achieved through our standard (but customizable) offer, or our 100% bespoke service. Whichever option you choose, you can expect an array of specialized services tailored exclusively for professionals.


A wide range of customisable tables

With a focus on three exceptional materials, our main collection is organized into three primary lines and a capsule, continuously expanding each year with new creations. These lines encompass a range of restaurant tables that can be customized in terms of dimensions, shape, and frame, ensuring a tailored fit for your space. Rest assured, our tables are meticulously crafted with longevity in mind, built to withstand the test of time.

Ligne Tradition

Enamel radiance

The bistro table, a true icon of Parisian culture, captivates with its enduring elegance. Its enamelled top, embellished with brass, stainless steel, or copper strapping, and complemented by a cast iron base, exudes charm and ensures longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. While the classic image of the bistro table often comes to mind with its white, black, or red hues, the Tradition table goes beyond expectations by offering an incredible range of colors. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the fusion of traditional design with boundless freedom of expression.

Ligne Haussmann

The grace of ceramics

A beloved staple of Parisian and global terraces, the bistro table remains an enduring classic. Available in white, black, pale green, intense green, or onyx ceramic, its surface is adorned with natural veins and complemented by a glistening strapping, available in brass, stainless steel, or copper. Marble enthusiasts will be enamored by its remarkable ability to emulate the elegance of marble with precision and resilience. While marble is undeniably exquisite, it is also delicate and porous. In contrast, our ceramic material is carefully selected for its durability, allowing for daily use and accommodating cutlery time and time again without compromising its beauty.

Ligne Vendôme

The warmth of oak

The Vendôme range boasts the timeless warmth of wood, and not just any wood, but solid oak sourced from France. This carefully selected species showcases not only its ecological virtues as a fast-growing material but also its inherent durability and natural beauty. Whether in a round, square, or rectangular design, the Vendôme line infuses a sense of conviviality into every space it graces. For those seeking a touch of adventure, it can also be customized with enamelled steel inlays, adding an extra layer of charm and versatility to its already captivating appeal.

Capsule audacieuse

A unique interlude

In our continuous pursuit of delightful surprises, we have curated a special capsule collection. This ever-evolving and unexpected range serves as a unique interlude within our timeless collections. Step into this captivating micro-universe to explore trends such as Terrazzo, Antique Brass, Enamelled Lava, and much more. 


100% Bespoke
Professional Furniture

Bespoke service

To cater to the most creative endeavors, a section of our workshop is now dedicated to tailor-made projects

Drawing upon our extensive experience in crafting bistro tables specifically designed for professionals, we have established ourselves as the benchmark in the industry. This wealth of knowledge has allowed us to continuously learn and innovate, developing new techniques, expanding our expertise, and discovering new materials. 

Our tables possess an inherent ability to reinvent themselves, showcasing a variety of shapes and forms, while consistently exuding an authentic charm and vintage spirit. In recognition of the desire for exceptional and distinctive projects, we have dedicated a portion of our workshop to the creation of fully bespoke designs.

Collaborating closely with our skilled craftsmen and talented designers, we bring your most audacious visions to life. Whether it’s non-conventional tabletop formats, impressive dimensions, innovative base or even personalized strapping, we offer limitless possibilities to turn your dreams into reality.

1. Feasability study

If you’re facing a specific challenge or have a practical need related to your sector or establishment, let’s discuss your project! From creating bar tops with unique shapes to incorporating cable or sunshade passages, integrating lighting or even candle holders, we are here to offer our ingenuity and expertise to fulfill your requirements.

2. Prototyping

For ambitious projects that require a unique touch, such as an original silk-screen print or a completely custom design, we offer the option to create a prototype or “first run” exclusively for you. This allows you to thoroughly examine the finished product from every angle, including its molding, welding, and overall construction, before proceeding with the rest of the production process. Whether it involves the table top, base, finish, or the table as a whole, at Ardamez, we believe in limitless creativity, ensuring that your vision can be fully realized.

loving care.

Services tailored to bars & restaurants owners

Restaurant, bar or hotel furniture is a long-term investment.
To simplify your experience and provide peace of mind, we have specifically designed a range of services exclusively for professionals.

Project support

Our project managers, true Ardamez experts, are dedicated to supporting you throughout your project. They will provide guidance on the wide range of materials, colors, and dimensions available for your restaurant tables. We understand the importance of nurturing and cherishing every dream, which is why we prioritize personalized support, trust, and proximity. Once you share your idea with us, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to your file. They will be with you at every stage of your project, offering reassurance and ensuring that your wishes are respected and flawlessly translated into reality by our workshop.

Color search

For our Tradition tabletops and the painting of our bases, we rely on the RAL K5 color chart, which offers a wide range of colors. However, we understand that your project may require different and unique colors. Colors that embody the essence of your establishment, create a distinctive atmosphere, and captivate your customers. If you have identified the perfect color in your preferred color chart or have a fabric or chair cane sample in the desired shade, we can conduct a color search. Our laboratory will experiment with various combinations of ingredients, adjusting the proportions until we achieve the exact shade you desire. Once we are satisfied with the color created, we will send you a sample for approval.

Please note that this color research process may extend the production time by a few weeks.

On site set-up

If you’re looking to enjoy your tables as quickly as possible after receiving them, we have a solution that will bring you immense delight. Opt for our on-site set-up service, which includes the removal of packaging, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With this option, our experienced crews will be present at your premises to take care of everything. They will assemble the table bases with precision, using an impact spanner for perfect adjustment. They will also attach the tops to each base and arrange the beautiful tables according to your specific instructions.

This service guarantees peace of mind and allows you to start enjoying your tables without any delay.

Reliable customer service

Our bistro tables are meticulously crafted with great attention to detail, and each one undergoes thorough inspection before leaving our workshop. However, we acknowledge that human errors can occur, and there is a possibility that a flaw may be present in rare cases. In such an event, we want to assure you that our after-sales service is prompt, dependable, and most importantly, personalized. The dedicated person responsible for your case will take charge and work diligently to find the best solution, ensuring that you have the finest experience possible.

Special prices

As a professional in the hotel, restaurant, interior design, or decoration industry, you can take advantage of our exclusive preferential rates. We value our industry partners and strive to provide competitive pricing that aligns with your business needs. Additionally, we offer sliding scale prices that are tailored to the quantities you require. 


Got a project abroad ? We are delighted to offer delivery of tables to (almost) any location worldwide. Regardless of where you are, you can expect the same level of dedicated project management and comprehensive services as if you were ordering within France. When it comes to delivery, we prioritize peace of mind. Our teams take care of all the necessary export formalities, whether you decide to use your own carrier or choose from our trusted partners.


We take pride in paying attention to every detail, and this commitment extends to our accessories, which are more than just accessories:

In addition to the standard glides fitted on our bases, suitable for hard floors, we also offer thicker glides with a 25 mm diameter felt. These glides are specifically designed to protect delicate floors, such as parquet, marble and ceramics, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

Once you’ve placed your order for our exquisite bistro tables, we understand that you’ll be eagerly awaiting their arrival and, of course, looking forward to setting them up. To make your life easier and ensure you have the right tools for installation, we offer an Installation Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a ratchet spanner, various bits, and other tools carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of your order.

We have also designed robust and discreet bag hooks that seamlessly blend with the overall design of our tables. 

Need more technical info ?

All the formats, weights and possible compatibilities of tops/bases are available in our catalogue in the technical specifications section. Don’t hesitate to consult it or contact one of our sales representatives for further information.

Tools to help you order your professional bistro tables

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