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A unique interlude

Innovative materials & styles

Far from being fleeting, the Capsule Audacieuse is an extraordinary interlude, a moment of awe, where you can delve into the culmination of our research and wanderings. Gold-coated stainless steel, enamelled lava stone, and antique brass form the foundation of this structure, yet they are only the beginning. And just like all our product lines, in addition to their audacious nature, our tables can be endlessly customized to your heart’s desire!

Brass & Steel

Precious aura

Antique Brass

Table top


Over the months, your tabletop will develop a patina and erode, revealing an authentic charm

Comprised mainly of copper and zinc, brass is a dynamic material that develops a unique patina over time and with use. Initially boasting a golden hue at the time of purchase, your table will gradually acquire an aged bronze tint over the course of months. It is precisely this weathered effect that adds charm and authenticity to your decor.

For a retro-chic ambiance, we recommend incorporating these exceptional pieces into a collection of tables from our main lines—Tradition, Haussmann, or Vendôme. The Antique Brass Table will serve as the perfect finishing touch, elevating the atmosphere and drawing all eyes towards it.

Inox Gold

Table top

Inox Gold, as its name implies, showcases a stunning stainless steel tabletop with a lustrous golden finish, achieved through a meticulous immersion in a bath of paint with a precious hue. While this technique may have roots in the ancient traditions of furniture making, it has undergone gradual refinements to deliver an elegant, uniform, and everlasting color. The brilliance of Inox Gold subtly dances and evolves, captivating the beholder with its radiant glow that gracefully shifts with varying light and perspectives.


Its lighting effects are enhanced by a delicate and artisanal brush of the material

Lave Stone

The power of nature

Enamelled lava

Table top

We bring together our expertise with the renowned Pyrolave brand to present you with an extraordinary creation: the enamelled lava table.

Derived from the Volvic volcanoes in Auvergne, lava stone is a rare and natural material that embodies the inherent nobility and raw power of nature.

Its signature ?

The unmistakable crackled finish, lending it a unique charisma.

When combined with enamel, it unveils a splendid array of colors, ranging from vibrant and lively to rich and profound. Completing this exceptional product is the addition of brass, stainless steel, or copper strapping, skillfully following the contours of the tabletop, bestowing upon it the distinctive bistro allure that defines Ardamez.

Fiery Macaron

Table top

We also offer the exquisite enamelled lava in a delightful “Macaron” variation.

This unique and captivating tabletop derives its charm from the harmonious combination of premium materials. The vibrant and crackled enamelled lava is delicately laid upon a surface of solid French oak, which boasts a smooth and velvety texture, creating a captivating contrast.


Italy alla francese


Fragments of stones and marble in various shades are artfully scattered over the cement, before being delicately sanded.


Table top

The distinctive appearance of the Terrazzo Table is achieved through a traditional process coming straight from Verona, where cement and minerals are expertly blended. Every tabletop, whether in a dark or light variant, captivates with the luminous charm of its constellations composed of colorful granules. To enhance the authentic allure of this Italian masterpiece, our signature strapping is meticulously added.

While the Terrazzo Table is ideal for infusing a touch of originality and radiance into a pristine decor, it also seamlessly complements vibrant spaces, where its starry motifs subtly echo the existing color palette with finesse.

Carved beech

Gaelic inspirations

Table top


The Glasgow tabletop embraces the essence of a traditional bistro table while simultaneously transcending its conventions. Small, round, and gracefully designed, it departs from the gleam of enamelled steel and instead showcases the intricate craftsmanship of finely carved beech wood. This naturally dark and richly toned wood is elevated with a semi-matte varnish, accentuating its inherent beauty. The addition of a beak-shaped rim enhances its delightful rustic charm, resulting in a truly captivating aesthetic.

Across the channel

Its deep colour, both round and angular shape are inspired by the authentic spirit of old Irish pubs.

Made in France

in our workshop
Nearby nantes


on demand
within 5 to 10 weeks

Bespoke service

for the pros

Our Collection

Each of our product lines evolves within its own distinct universe, enveloping carefully chosen materials. Whether you seek to create a stunning mix-and-match ambiance by blending different styles or wish to explore the breadth of our offerings, we recommend opening the doors to the Vendômes and Haussmann lines, as well as immersing yourself in our Capsule Audacieuse. Who knows, your favorite piece might be waiting to be discovered in the hidden depths of our collections.

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