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The grace of ceramics

quintessential elegance

Subtle or contrasting, its sophisticated veining reveals the elegance of your interior designs.

Uncompromising Elegance! That’s the promise of the Haussmann Line, featuring ceramic material that impeccably replicates the intricate veining of exquisite marble stones while ensuring professional-grade durability with easy maintenance. Similar to our other collections, the Haussmann line exudes refinement, timelessness, and practicality, while offering extensive customization options. Let your imagination run wild and transform it according to your preferences, selecting from a wide array of finishes and configurations. This remarkable versatility enables it to shine in various settings, be it a Parisian terrace, a restaurant with a dash of Haussmann style or a sleek, contemporary interior.

Key Details

Marble unquestionably holds a special place among the preferred materials of design experts. Its mesmerizing brown and black swirls are captivating and awe-inspiring. Its polished surface commands attention, radiating elegance and unparalleled sophistication. However, despite its outward allure, marble falls short in terms of durability and practicality, rendering it unsuitable for outdoor exposure and professional indoor applications due to its inherent porosity.

Introducing the Haussmann Line—an exquisite collection that seeks to capture the essence of marble while leveraging the extraordinary qualities of ceramic. With meticulous care, we have handpicked a selection of premium veining patterns, intricately laser-printed using natural inks. This ensures that the ceramic material faithfully replicates the intensity and allure of genuine marble, while offering exceptional properties that far surpass its natural counterpart.

sumptuous chiaroscuro

But above all, resistant, waterproof and easy-to-clean tops so that your tables can be adapted to your professional needs.

Color Us


We understand the countless hours you’ve invested in curating your signature style, meticulously crafting inspiration boards, and exploring a myriad of color palettes. It’s only natural that you desire furniture that flawlessly complements and embodies your unique design vision.

To meet your creative requirements, we have selected 5 colours of ceramic

While their marble-like aesthetics undoubtedly grant them a captivating presence in art-deco and Haussmannian settings, these versatile options can seamlessly adapt to a wide spectrum of environments.

White Ceramic

As a touch of light in a colourful interior, or as the centrepiece of an immaculate décor, our white ceramics blend harmoniously with all your decors.

Signature finish

For a Sleek Look

A Fusion of Tradition & Modernity

Just like our Tradition line, the Haussmann line showcases its tabletops adorned with a stylish strap. Whether crafted in brass, stainless steel, or copper, this exquisite detail adds the finishing touch to our marble-effect ceramic tables, evoking a charming bistro ambiance.

For those seeking the utmost sophistication and a love for refined design, we present our Signature finish, where the strap elegantly encircles the tabletop without any “return”. To create this masterpiece of understated elegance, we meticulously select a brass three times thicker, meticulously shaping and adjusting it to perfection until achieving a flawless assembly and a sleek, streamlined profile.


The strapping embraces the top, without ever enclosing it.

Made in France

in our workshop
nearby Nantes


on demand
within 5 to 10 weeks

Bespoke service

for the pros

Our Collection

Each of our product lines thrives within its own distinct universe, embracing its preferred materials. Whether you seek to curate a captivating mix-and-match ambiance by exploring various styles or desire to delve into the full extent of our offerings, we highly recommend opening the doors to our Vendômes and Tradition lines, and embarking on an adventure through our audacious Capsule collection. Who knows, you might just stumble upon your hidden favorite among these remarkable options.

White Table with Marble Effect:

A versatile addition to any interior, our white marble-effect ceramic tables exude elegance. Their stainless steel, copper, or brass strapping subtly sets them apart, creating a play of light, shadow, and texture. While they shine in pristine surroundings, they also make a statement in two-tone settings or when surrounded by a nature-inspired palette, featuring hues of brown, fern green, old pink, and terracotta.

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Black Table with Marble Effect:

Intense and refined, our jet-colored ceramic tables in black seamlessly adapt to any decor. Their dark areas add drama and character to your spaces, while the grey and white veins provide a touch of light, enhancing the grandeur of sumptuous and intimate environments.

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White and Brown Table with Marble Effect:

Introducing our new Onyx color, boasting natural brown and yellow veins, making a bold entrance in the Haussmann Line. Its veins exude a vibrant chromatic intensity, accompanied by warm undertones. Pair it with beautiful wooden pieces and shades ranging from tobacco or cognac brown to camel. Illuminate the ensemble with touches of grey, blue, or khaki green, creating a harmonious interplay of colors.

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Marble-like Intense Green Table :

As the name suggests, the marble-effect bistro table in the shade of Intense Green features a contrasting color scheme. Perfectly suited to complement palettes incorporating midnight blue, black, burgundy, or dark woods like walnut. Its rich colors, dynamic veins, and exquisite strapping bring panache and vitality to even the most subdued spaces.

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Marble-like Pastel Green Table:

With their gentle hues and luminous strapping, our pastel green tabletops are an ideal match for delicate decor. Shades of pink, parma, grey, and white create a dreamy atmosphere where guests will delight in immersing themselves for drinks or dinner. The hidden notes of grey and brown within the veins also allow for seamless blending with cotton white and woody atmospheres, embodying the cozy Hygge style.

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