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Square Tables

Our square bistro-style tables are perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to your interior while providing structure to your space. The available formats are designed to enhance intimate moments, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Our collection of square bistro tables

While the bistro table gained its reputation in its rounded form, it now comes in square and rectangular shapes, providing even more freedom for interior design enthusiasts to create a personalized decor. The square bistro table is perfect for adding a unique touch to your kitchen, living room, or dining area. Its angular edges bring structure and dimension to any space, making it an essential element you won’t want to do without. With a variety of materials, sizes, and colors available, it seamlessly adapts to both contemporary and retro interiors.

The small square table for 2

The small square bistro table for two is a practical and elegant addition to any home. With dimensions of 70×70 cm, it’s perfect for couples or small spaces. It can be used as a side table in the living room or as a bistro table for two in the kitchen.

If you need a table to accommodate larger gatherings, you will also find rectangular tables in this collection measuring 120×70 cm. These tables offer plenty of space to accommodate all your guests while remaining stylish and practical. Of course, this variety of formats is also available in our collection of round bistro tables.

A bistro set for every décor

We offer three distinctive materials for our square bistro tables: enameled steel, marble-effect ceramic, and solid French oak. Each material possesses its own authentic style and character, and when paired with the right accompanying furniture, creates a captivating bistro set.

The enamel top is a solid and durable choice, known for its easy maintenance and resistance to stains, acidity, and scratches. Its glossy and refined finish seamlessly complements contemporary decor, particularly when paired with metal or leather chairs. The marble-effect ceramic top brings forth an air of elegance and sophistication to your home. Inspired by the finest marble stones, its natural veining adds a touch of luxury to classic-chic, glamorous, or baroque settings. The shimmering surface truly comes to life when surrounded by solid wood or velvet furniture. Lastly, the solid French oak top exudes rustic charm and warmth, infusing your space with a cozy and inviting ambiance. Its natural grain and warm hues create an inviting atmosphere. For a country-chic style, consider pairing it with wooden chairs, or for an industrial-inspired look, opt for dark, matte metal chairs.

14 colors pour your enamel tables

The enamel top is available in a wide range of 14 deep and long-lasting colors, including ivory, terracotta, honey yellow, and opal green. This extensive color selection allows you to customize your table to match your personal style and complement the charm of your home.

The square bistro table in ivory enamel is a timeless choice that adds luminosity to your interior. It pairs well with pastel colors and light wood, creating a Scandinavian-style look. It also harmonizes beautifully with stronger color palettes, bringing balance and lightness to the overall ambiance.

For a warm and inviting atmosphere, the terracotta option is a perfect choice. Its rich hue, reminiscent of terracotta pottery, is enhanced by the glossy finish of the enameled steel. The terracotta table complements natural colors such as beige, brown, and olive green, making it an ideal fit for rustic or boho chic decor.

If you’re seeking a fun and highly original option, our square bistro table in honey yellow will capture your discerning eye. Fresh and sunny, it breathes life into your interior, especially when combined with vibrant colors like orange and red. This color choice is perfect for eccentric decorations or lively living spaces, reminiscent of bustling summer beehives.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, opal green exudes a lush and deep tone, akin to a tropical forest. Its precious hue pairs seamlessly with earthy colors like brown and beige, adding a touch of sparkle to a jungle or exotic decor.

This list provides a glimpse of the available color options, with 10 more colors to explore. Feel free to discover all the customization possibilities to find the one that best suits your unique style. You’ll also find the same range of colors in our collection of round bistro tables.


3 options marble-like tables

Our square marble-effect ceramic bistro table is available in 3 elegant shades: white marble effect, black marble effect and onyx marble effect. All you have to do is choose the one that’s right for your interior!

White marble-effect ceramic tabletop: with its shimmering surface and luminous hue veined with black, this tabletop will capture and multiply the light in your space, creating a serene and soothing ambience. This colour is of course ideal for art nouveau or art deco decorations, but will also enhance and add a touch of luxury to your Scandinavian and minimalist worlds.

Black marble-effect ceramic top: its deep black with white and grey veining evokes the most beautiful starry nights and adds depth and grandiloquence to your interior. This table will look just as good in a modern or even industrial setting as it will in an art-deco or baroque temple. In either case, don’t hesitate to scatter a few golden decorative elements around the room for the ultimate chic effect.

Onyx marble-effect ceramic tray: this complex, mysterious colour is the result of a balancing act between light and depth. Its white base adds a touch of sparkle to your decor, while its black, grey and caramel veining gives it all the depth it needs to add cachet. Combined with a mix and match of retro and contemporary furniture, this table will give your room an impression of opulence.

Brass frame : the golden accents that change everything

Each of our ceramic or enamel tables is set in brass with the utmost care. This distinctive signature is moulded and applied by hand by our craftsmen in our Nantes workshops.

Sparkling in its golden colour, the moulded brass gives our tables allure and presence, and is reminiscent of the Parisian terraces of the finest establishments. But beyond its aesthetic appeal, the high-quality brass frame also adds strength to our square bistro tables, making it an ideal choice for people concerned about the durability of their furniture.

If you’re in love with that touch of Art Nouveau flair, our expertise in fine sheet metal work is also reflected in the sparkling stainless steel of our terrace and garden tables. You’ll have a second bistro set, just for outdoors! Find them in our collection of outdoor bistro tables.


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