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Capsule audacieuse

Elegant enamelled lava stone bistro table

Embrace the vibrant colors and captivating crackle effect of our enamelled lava tables, and transform your establishment into a space that exudes sharp and elegant style. 

Shape or size, break free from standards and treat yourself to the table of your dreams. An intermediate or theatrical diameter, an atypical shape… there are (almost) no limits.

Poli & Mouluré
Poli & Lisse
Brossé & Mouluré
Brossé & Lisse

Our bases offer a wide selection of finishes, formats, and colors to cater to your preferences, style, and the size of the tabletop. Whether you desire a sleek and modern look, a classic and timeless design, or a bold and unique statement piece, our range of base options allows you to tailor your choice to perfectly complement your space and personal taste.

Our Collections

To provide guidance and inspiration for your projects, we have curated a range of product lines, each with its own unique essence and aesthetic. Within these lines, you will find a collection of exquisite and refined tables crafted to complement any space and cater to every project.

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