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Ligne tradition

Traditional square or rectangular bistro table

With a resolutely modern design, our square and rectangular tables offer versatile options to create visual interest in your establishment or on your terrace. Whether arranged separately or placed in close proximity, these tables effortlessly adapt to various configurations, accommodating your specific needs.

You can choose a classic RAL K5 shade (see colours below) or opt for a custom colour using our colour search service.

The 60×60 and 70×70 formats are available in a Slim finish (20 mm thick). Our tops are also available in bespoke shapes and sizes.

On catalogue or 100% bespoke


Available finishes: molded polished, smooth polished, molded brushed, smooth brushed

Our bases offer a wide selection of finishes, formats, and colors to cater to your preferences, style, and the size of the tabletop.

Our Collection

To provide guidance and inspiration for your projects, we have curated a range of product lines, each with its own unique essence and aesthetic. Within these lines, you will find a collection of exquisite and refined tables crafted to complement any space and cater to every project. 

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