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La Croix Blanche

Just a few steps away from Voltaire’s Castle, where the Enlightenment philosopher lived for nearly 20 years, stood a charming and popular inn. Over the years, it continuously reinvented itself to meet the needs of the locals, transforming into a sculpture workshop, a medical center during the war, and even a cabaret. In 2019, this heritage site returned to its roots and became once again a brewery, under the guidance of architect François Chatillon. 

The historic venue reinvents itself with marble-like table

As you’re aware, Ardamez takes great pleasure in infusing tradition with a contemporary twist. Thus, when this remarkable project took shape, we couldn’t have been prouder to receive an order for tables. Tables that would adorn a structure envisioned by Voltaire himself, and meticulously brought to life by the esteemed chief architect of historic monuments… a truly monumental undertaking!

Following the building’s meticulous restoration, the quest for exquisite furniture commenced, ultimately leading to the selection of our prestigious Haussmann line. Available in sleek black or pristine white, our marble-inspired ceramics proved to be the perfect choice to convey the building’s timeless elegance.  Their surfaces, naturally radiant and bathed in luminosity through the expansive period windows, are framed with brass. This glimmering nod to art deco, resonates amidst the exotic tapestries, velvet banquettes, and midnight blue walls that define this captivating ambiance.

To infuse a contemporary touch into this historically steeped establishment, each tabletop proudly rests upon our most refined bases : the  Bastille. This deliberate choice echoes the subtle industrial accents scattered throughout the decor, like the exposed light bulbs suspended from the ceiling and the metallic chair legs, seamlessly blending the old and the new in a harmonious fusion.

Designer : François Châtillon
Photographe :

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