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The Monkey Place

From brunches and mezzés to cocktails and live music, the Monkey Place is a real place to be, designed to delight travellers stopping off at the Mercure Hôtel in La Roche-sur-Yon. In addition to its fresh and tasty recipes, this address seduces pilgrims and locals alike with its exotic soul and its green terrace.

Bistro spirit in the midst of a sparkling jungle

Monkey Place is just next door to Bistro Yonnais! The two addresses were designed under the aegis of Mercure Hôtel, which was keen to offer spaces with distinct souls, but always elegant and welcoming. So, while the Bistro Yonnais has opted for a poetic atmosphere, its jungle brother has set its sights on a hushed, vibrant universe.

At every corner of the Monkey Place, a story blossoms, from sacred hearts adorning the walls to gleaming brass, and mischievous monkeys climbing the shelves. The atmosphere is imbued with magic, transporting visitors to a world where one could almost hear parrots cooing in the imaginary trees that populate this unique space.

Inspired by vibrant nature and wild life, the Monkey Place harmonizes beautifully with our tables, creating deep color palettes and noble materials. Upon entering, the row of Haussmann tables immediately captures the eye. The dramatic swirls of their black or intense green ceramics, delicately enhanced with brass, immerse us in the tangles of vines and the lushness of a tropical jungle. To ground us back in reality, the Vendôme tabletops seamlessly integrate into this energetic ensemble. Their solid oak brings a warm authenticity to the space, preserving its power, which becomes simply more serene and calming.

Designer :
Photographer : Lauren Kim Minn

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