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Amo by Amano

The Wilhelminian style holds the same significance in Germany as Haussmann does in France. It is an architectural marvel that has gracefully stood the test of time, retaining its enchanting allure throughout the decades. In the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district, a magnificent building has proudly soared into the sky since 1873, exemplifying this iconic style. Today, it has been transformed into a splendid hotel bearing the name Amo by Amano, where guests can bask in the harmonious fusion of history and contemporary elegance.

La table de bistrot s’invente et se réinvente pour chaque espace.

Hotel Amo by Amano boasts a variety of dedicated areas that invite relaxation and indulgence. Each space has its own unique character, and our Tradition line was the perfect choice to reflect this eclectic ambiance in a harmonious manner. The enamelled steel material offers abundant customization possibilities, especially when it comes to color selection.

In the breakfast room, our Tradition line takes center stage in a striking black hue. With its understated elegance, the table’s sleek surface perfectly complements the refined atmosphere of the morning setting. A buffet reminiscent of a Parisian kiosk stretches towards the ceiling, while vintage chandeliers illuminate the space, casting a shimmering glow on our brass rings.

On the other side of the building, the same tables are available in captivating shades of beige grey, olive yellow, and mahogany brown. This original color palette harmonizes flawlessly with the relaxed style of the Joseph restaurant, where Israeli dishes are savored in a retro-chic industrial ambiance.

Lastly, to pique the curiosity of passers-by, our Capsule Audacieuse’s Inox Gold tables adorn the terrace. The lavish golden cladding of these tables mirrors the lobby door, which features the same precious hue in its atrium-shaped design, creating an enticing visual allure.

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