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Beef Bar

BeefBar is a renowned international brand, with restaurants scattered across the globe. Originating in Monte Carlo, it has expanded its presence to cities like Athens, New York, Hong Kong, and, of course, Paris! Since its establishment in our beautiful capital in 2018, BeefBar Paris has found its home in the prestigious former Fermette Marbeuf residence. The art nouveau walls of this stunning venue provide the backdrop for an exceptional menu that seamlessly merges street food culture with the elevated experience of a fine dining steakhouse.

An Art Nouveau heritage perpetuated with traditional bistro tables

The Fermette Marbeuf was undoubtedly one of Paris’ most esteemed establishments. And for good reason, as a stroke of luck revealed an unexpected gem hidden behind its walls: an absolutely awe-inspiring Art Nouveau masterpiece. Enthralled by this treasure trove of history, later attributed to Hurtre and Wielhorski, the owner embarked on renovations to showcase it in the most magnificent way.

Almost 40 years later, BeefBar takes the reins of this sumptuous residence, creating a haven where culinary exploration and breathtaking visual experiences are inseparable.

In addition to marveling at this renowned artwork (a designated historical monument), you will be captivated by the entire ambiance it has inspired. At the heart of it all, Ardamez tables gracefully take center stage. Their sleek, elegant, timeless, and reflective enamel-coated steel tabletops are perched upon minimalist Bastille bases, flawlessly complementing the vibrant and eclectic decor. Arranged in a linear sequence, they form an intimate setting for tête-à-tête dining experiences. Alternatively, in their custom oblong format, they offer a more generous space for group dinners.

One thing is for certain: their natural allure is magnified by the beautifully sculpted ceiling height, reminiscent of charming orangeries, the exquisite tapestries that flirt between Art Deco and Renaissance influences, and the retro yet resplendent golden moldings.

Designer : Humbert & Poyet
Photographs : Adrien Daste & Francis Amiand

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