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Bistro Yonnais

The Bistro Yonnais graces the heart of Hôtel Mercure in La Roche-sur-Yon as an enchanting culinary haven. This sweet establishment stands as a testament that a locally-sourced, fresh menu becomes all the more exquisite when enveloped within a refined, floral-infused ambiance.

Elevated Aesthetics for a Refined Culinary Retreat

Having once adorned its spaces in hues of brown, orange, and black, the Bistro Yonnais has embarked on a journey of modernization, embracing the current artistic palettes with a pronounced affinity for the pastel trend. The establishment has meticulously transformed its interior into an oasis of delicate hues, suspended blossoms, and retro illumination.

At the heart of this poetic sanctuary, our tables, adorned in ivory and lime green, flourish like blossoms in full bloom. Along the periphery, a series of small square tables grace the walls, alternating between harmonious shades. This gentle labyrinth is only sporadically interrupted, creating breathing space for larger gatherings through generously sized tables that elegantly contrast the prevailing tones. Against a canvas of pristine white and mint watercolor, the captivating presence of oxide green, confidently takes center stage as you walk to discover every corner of this peaceful place.

A final, defining detail of each table is the ornate brass frame. Expertly crafted, these frames boast a patina cultivated by the hands of our skilled artisans and the graceful passage of time. This subtle weathering gives these exceptional pieces a unique character, one that harmonizes delicately with the cottony ambience of the room, never rupturing its inherent charm. Indeed, this gently aged golden hue resonates with other hidden treasures within the décor: tapestries ablaze with orange peonies, dried bouquets adorning shelves, tables, and the very air, as well as the resplendent light fixtures reminiscent of the 1970s.

Designer : –
Photographe : Lauren Kim Minn

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