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La Canopée

La Canopée is a breathtaking sanctuary of lush greenery. Its captivating glass ceiling bathes the space in an abundance of natural light, providing a tranquil haven where guests can find solace under a corner of the vast blue sky. In this enchanting setting, you can embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the French cuisine, infused with influences from around the world, and evolving with the seasons.

The epitome of elegance: the enamelled bistro table!

Undoubtedly, one of the finest establishments in Nantes, this captivating venue delights guests with its monumental glass roof, which serves as a captivating centerpiece. However, it is the meticulous layout and attention to detail that truly infuse this extraordinary destination with its undeniable charm.

Floating structures, reminiscent of majestic mushrooms, gracefully adorn the cathedral-like ceiling, their airy curves adding an ethereal touch to the ambiance. Towering palm trees and lush monstera plants stand in harmonious unity, framing elegant yet rustic stone walls. The bi-material banquettes, adorned with plush velvet and warm wood, exude the timeless allure of traditional brasseries while embracing the restaurant’s distinctively “natural” aesthetic.

As the focal point of the dining experience, the tables were meticulously chosen to embody the same level of elegance and beauty. The Urban Makers team collaborated with our workshop to craft 32 exquisite bistro enameled tables. Embracing a square shape, these pieces imbue the space with a sense of structure, while their deep black hue harmonizes with the verdant surroundings. To evoke the quintessential charm of a bistro, the tables are adorned with delicate brass strapping, adding a touch of sophistication and authenticity.

Designer : Urban Makers
Photographe : Lauren Kim Minn

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