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Le Carrousel

Nestled on the outskirts of Toulouse, within a picturesque garden adorned with lush trees, Le Carrousel is a restaurant as simple as it is stylish, for gourmets in search of authenticity.

Nature reclaims its rightful place in a relaxed environment

This charming establishment has embraced the authentic splendor of southeastern France for its decor. A serene garden, embellished with cascading strings of enchanting lights, welcomes guests with open arms, while intimate dining areas find solace beneath the gentle shade of century-old plane trees. Indoors, an equally inviting and tranquil ambiance awaits, with the rhythmic presence of trees gracefully lining the pathways between tables.

These tables, resplendent in their turquoise enamel reminiscent of a summer ocean, are elegantly set in brass, exuding a warm and inviting aura that harmonizes perfectly with the rattan chairs and chandeliers.

But let’s go back to those blue-green tables, for they are the heart of our pride and joy! Conjuring images of sun-drenched days, their luminous hue delicately kissed with golden accents exudes a delightful and whimsical charm. Everything that we would except on a merry-go-round*. 

*Carrousel translates as merry-go-round

Designer : Marco Baertich
Photograph : 

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