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Le Grand Café Capucines

Situated on the renowned Grands Boulevards, Le Grand Café Capucines is a must-visit destination. This brasserie delights customers with delectable recipes inspired by the pride of French gastronomy. Adjacent to the Opéra Garnier, it has been a cherished spot for theater-goers since 1875, offering an elegant setting for a nightcap or a refined evening meal.

Tailor-made restaurant tables for a legendary address!

A beloved gathering place for opera and ballet enthusiasts, this legendary venue underwent a complete renovation in 2019, more than a century after its inception. It was an opportunity to celebrate its remarkable success with a distinctive decor that stays true to its identity. The task of this significant project was entrusted to Toro & Liautard, a renowned and trendy design duo.

They opted for an extraordinary ambiance that blends art deco influences with the quintessential symbols of Parisian bistros, all within a vibrant and modern atmosphere. This captivating aesthetic is evident from the very choice of tables: bespoke creations by Ardamez. Our Tradition line, known for its timeless appeal, has been reimagined with a deep cobalt blue hue, riveted accents, and a harmonious blend of classic and unconventional shapes. This fusion pays homage to the venue’s legendary status while encapsulating its festive spirit.

The character of our exquisite creations and the exuberant essence of this esteemed establishment are further enhanced by an avant-garde interior design that artfully combines an array of colors and materials. The vibrant blue of our tables beautifully complements the crimson banquettes, creating a striking visual impact under the gentle glow of the ceiling lights. Accompanied by wooden and wicker chairs, they exude the conviviality expected in a place steeped in rich history.

Designer : Toro & Liautard
Photograph : Leny Guetta

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