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Le Nonna

Nonna, meaning ‘Grandmother’ in Italian, is the aptly chosen name for this exquisite trattoria, where grilled meats, pizza, and lasagna are prepared with a touch of love and an emphasis on simplicity. And to make it even more delightful, this charming slice of Italy ensures that sweet cravings are indulged with an array of delectable pastries, perfect for those afternoon delights.

Elegant, colourful tables for a lovely Italian restaurant

In perfect harmony with Italian culture, Le Nonna embraces a sunny and convivial culinary experience all year round. The restaurant’s decor is thoughtfully designed to capture the same essence: festive, vibrant, and tinged with a hint of nostalgia. This ambiance is achieved through the carefully curated palette, featuring lively hues such as lemon yellow, mustard yellow, olive green, almond green, blood orange, and salmon pink, mirroring the vibrant colors found in their delectable dishes.

Embracing the spirit of the past as a source of inspiration, Le Nonna showcases our most retro and timeless line with its enamelled steel table tops. The warm and cheerful tones of the tops perfectly complement the ambiance of the space. Alongside them, tables from our Haussmann line,  featuring brown and honey veins, further enhance the natural and inviting atmosphere of this charming establishment. To complete the picture, Vendôme tables harmoniously blend with the overall warm aesthetic of this beautiful venue.

Enhancing the vintage charm are antique plates adorning the walls and white and gold lamps reminiscent of the 80s. This delightful vintage decor evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting us back to cherished memories of our own Nonna and the joyful experiences of our childhood.

Designer : François Lamazerolles
Photograph : Léya Hallereau

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