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Le Petit Victor Hugo

Discover the Petit Victor Hugo, or PVH to its friends. This legendary 16th-century venue, nestling in the heart of Paris, has been transformed under the visionary eye of Laura González.

Our Bistro Tables Make You Take a Plunge in The 70's

Welcome to Le Petit Victor Hugo, an iconic address steeped in history and renewal. Guided by the unrivalled creativity of Laura González, this comfortable, elegant brasserie transports you into a singular 70s atmosphere, where every detail reflects an oceanic aesthetic inspired by the words of Victor Hugo himself.

The bespoke tables, dreamed by Laura G. and designed by Ardamez, are the jewels of this exceptional decor. Their tops are screen-printed in vibrant seaweed colours, evoking the depths of the sea with a twist of tie and dye, while their bases feature gleaming disco curves, recalling the vibrancy of the 70s.

On the terrace and patio, a more traditional ambience prevails. The enamelled steel tables, sometimes green, sometimes white, blend harmoniously with the lion’s paw bistro legs, creating warm and welcoming spaces, perfect for enjoying culinary delights and a convivial atmosphere.

The West Parisian institution of Petit Victor Hugo opens its doors to you from morning till night, offering a setting suitable for all occasions, whether for lunch with friends, a romantic dinner or an evening cocktail party. Let yourself be carried away by this unique gastronomic and aesthetic experience, where the talent of Laura González and the craftsmanship of Ardamez combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Designer : Laura Gonzáles
Photographe :

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