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Leo's Oyster

This 3-star bar-restaurant is as kitsch as it is stylish, offering you the chance to rediscover seafood in all its forms and flavours. The little bonus: a Tiki Bar is hidden away in the back room, for a real moment of escape!

Colourful enamelled steel tables match the jungle style of this bar-restaurant

Ever heard of the Tiki style? Inspired by the treasures of Hawaii and the colours and flowers of the islands, this decorating trend gave a boost to American interiors from the 1920s until the end of the 1960s. Over the decades, the trend has evolved, incorporating the key trends of each period into its designs, without ever losing its holiday spirit or its Eldorado feel.

Leo’s Oyster is a perfect example of this blend of genres and eras. Push open its heavy golden doors and you’ll be seduced by a deliciously kitsch and decadent world, punctuated by nods to the past and wrapped in an island paradise atmosphere. Ardamez tables sit proudly at the epicentre of this surprising design. And with good reason: their timeless lines can be traced back to each of the decades of the Tiki era! To top it all off, the customisation possibilities offered by enamelled steel have made it possible to opt for a pretty green, reminiscent of the island spirit of the place.

Surrounding them are equally evocative elements. A jungle tapestry dotted with tiare flowers is contrasted by a typically 50s chequered floor, 60s-style chairs and touches of golden geometry straight out of the Roaring Twenties.

Designer : Ken Fulk
Photographe : 

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