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Maison Kammerzell

It’s the oldest house in Strasbourg! Its charm has been preserved, and its charisma enhanced tenfold, with a superb tea room to satisfy travellers in search of delicacies and… a trip back in time.

All aboard! This vintage tea room is going to make you travel time

“Break of continuity or continuity of a rupture”

This is how Studio Dorénavant describes its work for Maison Kammerzell. Virtuosos of interior design, they have created a vintage universe with dimmed lights for this famous establishment, which reminds us of the elegance of yesteryear trains. And for a good reason, this lobby turned tea salon was meant to embody the entire history of Maison Kammerzell and thus traverse through the centuries, up to the 15th century.

To bring this avant-garde time travel to life, they surrounded themselves with artisans and brands with unique universes, those who love paying homage to the past with a twist of modernity. So it was only natural that they turned to Ardamez to make them bistro tables of sheer beauty.

In their pastel green shade, our Haussmann table tops envelop the space in a soft, warm glow. To complete the vintage ambience of the space and boost its charisma, they also opted for our Inox Gold tables. Their precious colour blends perfectly with the wooden panels that structure the room and the sumptuous Art Nouveau ceiling.

Designer : Dorénavant Studio
Photographe : – Florian Touzet

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