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Both bar and barge, on the Seine and under the ocean, festive and relaxing… Polpo is the trendy restaurant where you can enjoy grilled lobster without leaving the Parisian docks.

A colourful estuary rich in materials

Located on the banks of the Seine, this barge restaurant with its atypical address embodies a joyful experience, where sea food and cocktails plunge you into relaxation.

To create this atypical bubble, the Adjamée studio has opted for an atmosphere that is both playful and elegant, marked by elements borrowed from the abyss. Walls of shells rub shoulders with coral, curtains of pearls and frescoes of shellfish, all set against a rich palette of colours. Green and turquoise are the obvious choice. Stars of the decor, they cover the ceiling, splash against the light fittings, engulf the bar and, of course, ripple across the tables.

Thus the Tradition pedestal tables punctuate the space in shades of turquoise, pale green and pine green. Their enamelled surface captures the light like the sea. The same sea you might catch a glimpse of when you look at our Haussmann bistro tables. Their marbling of green, grey and brown evokes the foam of the most beautiful Mediterranean basins. And to warm up these two mermaids, brass frames and strapping set each tray and enhance each material.

Of course, the hand-crafted gilding is not the only source of warmth. Quite the contrary! To give this barge a seaside feel, it needed nature in abundance, beyond the symbolic. So many plants were chartered and wood was crowned king. In the main hall, the oak of our Vendôme line is displayed on both sides of the aisle, in the form of large round table tops or small square ones, all resting on elegant, sturdy cast-iron legs. But although those tables look quite traditional, they actually contain a secret that required boldness and creativity. An insert has indeed been placed in the centre of each table tops so that a gallows can be attached and seafood trays raised.

Designer : Adjamée
Photograph : Claire Jaillard and Romain Ricard

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