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Le Swan

Situated in Miami’s vibrant design district, The Swan flourishes at the intersection of jewelry, fashion, and dining. Crafted by the visionary minds of David Grutman and Pharrell Williams, this extraordinary establishment captures the spirit of nowadays, curating a menu that harmoniously blends rustic simplicity with refined elegance, celebrating the abundance of seasonal ingredients.

From candy shops to exotic gardens, our bistro tables are dazzling!

In this district, aesthetics reign supreme, captivating both residents and wanderers who seek to be immersed in a world where creativity permeates every detail. The Swan embraces this ethos, offering a remarkably uncluttered ambiance where pastel shades reign and retro charm prevails. The predominant colors of powder pink, beige, white, and mint green set the tone, while round elements take center stage, complemented by select geometric accents that provide structural harmony.

To bring forth this distinctive and sweet aesthetic, our bistro-style pedestal tables emerged as the perfect choice, characterized by their nostalgic appeal and customizable nature. Whether round, square, or rectangular, these enchanting tables, in pastel green or white, effortlessly blend elegance with the whimsy of childhood. Supported by white-painted bistro bases, each top is set with stainless steel, epitomizing the charming essence of the venue.

On the terrace, a delicate balance is achieved by merging the contemporary, exotic style of Florida with the retro personality of Le Swan. Palm trees, monsteras, fountains, and bamboo chairs coexist harmoniously with bistro tables, alternating between pristine white and pastel green, all mounted on stainless steel frames. These tables serve as the connecting link between the indoor and outdoor spaces, gracefully bridging the gap between contemporary allure and vintage charm. Once again, these captivating tables are the handiwork of Ardamez.

Designer : Groot Hospitality
Photograph : Morelli Brothers

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