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Atelier Ardamez is recruiting 2 craftsmen!

Enthusiasm for our beautiful bistro tables continues unabated, and the orders, ever more ambitious, are pouring in. To create these top-of-the-range pieces and meet our customers’ requirements, our 15 craftsmen work every day in our workshop in Nort-sur-Erdre. We are currently recruiting 2 people to complete this team… But first let us introduce you to the Ardamez culture!

Passing on know-how

Ardamez is the benchmark for top-of-the-range tables, made in France. Our iconic product? The bistro table, with its art deco look. To make it, we use traditional techniques, combined with manufacturing secrets developed in-house. We’re extremely proud of this know-how, which we’re keen to pass on to each of our new recruits.

A passion for craftsmanship and a job well done

While some positions require specific training, or even experience in the woodworking or metalworking sectors, above all we’re looking for people who are passionate about what they do. Craftspeople who like to work with their hands, with all their heart. To find these profiles, we don’t hesitate to think outside the box. As previous recruitments have shown, we’re not afraid of unusual profiles – quite the contrary.

Fulfilment at work

And because we want above all to maintain and develop the passion that drives our craftsmen, we have designed our manufacturing processes with this in mind. At Ardamez, there is no excessive division of labour. The various tasks are organised in shifts, so that each member of the team finds meaning in his or her job and can take great pride in the finished table. The pride of having contributed, at several stages of the project, to the tailoring of a dream. Our customer’s dream.

Ardamez recrute deux artisans

If these values resonate with you, and you’d like to create beautiful pieces and learn how to work with different precious materials such as brass, copper, enamel or ceramics, then you might find what you’re looking for in our two current recruitments. Find out more below, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Your tasks, once you have been trained in-house :

  • Preparing metal components (rolling, grinding, polishing)
  • Preparing wooden components (sanding and lacquering)
  • Assembling the finished product (packing)


We are looking for someone with experience and/or training in woodworking and metalworking. A conscientious person, known for their eagerness to learn and their desire to excel.


Your tasks, once trained in-house :

  • Preparing metal components (rolling, welding, grinding, polishing)
  • Preparing wooden components (sanding and lacquering)
  • Assembling the finished product (packing)


BAC level metalworking training

5 years’ experience in boiler making / ironwork / locksmithing required.

Interest in crafts and manual work.

To apply, send a covering letter with your CV to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our collection

To guide and inspire you in your work, we’ve created several product lines. Each has its own soul, its own aesthetic and, of course, each contains a collection of sumptuous, refined tables designed to suit every space and every project.

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